About Us


As a new mom I delved into as much information as I could to make sure that my body was getting what it needed to make sure that my baby was growing strong and healthy in my belly. I came across Moringa Oleifera and wanted to make sure that I had it added to my daily nutrition. However it seemed hard to come by and not too many people knew about this amazing superfood. After consuming Moringa Powder ongoing from 4 months pregnant the benefits have been outstanding for me. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and not only did it regulate my blood sugar level, it helped me with my nausea, it gave me energy to do more exercise all while knowing I was getting the vitamins and nutrients myself and my baby needed. Since the birth of my beautiful & healthy daughter I still consume Moringa and still I reap the benefits of boosts of energy, as well as producing ample amount of nutritious breast milk for my daughter. My husband had seen how I was benefitting from the superfood and he also started to add it to his daily nutrition and loves it! As new parents and avid active athletes we needed and wanted the boost of energy knowing it was beneficial, healthy and safe for us and our daughter. I also have had many conversations with moms about breast feeding, some who were having problems lactating. After more online research and I myself who have been able to produce I have now become very passionate about this wonderful tree and want to share it with not only mothers (breastfeeding or not) but with everyone. If there were anything that people should add to their daily diet it is this superfood.